Photo: Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II 1926–2022

The Evangelical Faith of Queen Elizabeth II and Her friendship with Her Chaplain John Stott and with Billy Graham: A small documentation

All her life, Queen Elizabeth II missed a Sunday worship service only when she was seriously ill. She always visited services open to the public, not private ones in the palace; everyone could see her every Sunday. Even when she was visiting the Royal Chapel in Windsor Park, the chapel was open to the public. The same was true when she was residing at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. She attended the public worship service in the small village church in Crathie nearby.

She did not invite anyone from the United States more often than Billy Graham, the chief theologian of the Evangelicals, John Stott was her personal Chaplain for 52 years, and among the many patronages she had, one was special for her. She was the Patron of Scripture Union. In 2017 she attended the 150th jubilee of Scripture Union in person.


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  1. In lectures I gave to the – Protestant – Order of St. John and the -Catholic – Bund Neudeutschland I pointed to the same fact that was stressed by Thomas Schirrmacher but generally ignored by German media: the firm Christian belief of Queen Elizabeth II.

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