The following informations are only in addition to the short biography.

Schirrmacher was pastor of the ‘Evangelische Gesellschaft für Deutschland’ [‘Protestant Society for Germany’] in Bonn and Erftstadt, 1982 to 1986, co-theologian of the ‘Evangelical Free Church’ in Bonn 1992–1998, and 1998–2000 pastor of the Free Reformed Church in Bonn.

Schirrmacher taught Mission, World Religions and Cultural Anthropology at FTA Gießen (Germany) from 1983–1989 and from 1990-1996 ethics, missiology, comparative religions and cultural anthropology at ‘Independent Theological Seminary’ in Basel (‘Staatsunabhängige Theologische Hochschule Basel’ – STH Basel). He held and holds different chairs, e.g. 1994–1999 ‘Philadelphia Theological Seminary’ (PA, USA) (professor of Mission), 1995-2000 at Cranmer Theological House (Shreveport, LA) (professor of Mission and Ethics), since 1996 at Whitefield Theological Seminary (Lakeland, FL) (professor of Systematic Theology and Apologetics), 2000–2008 at Acts University (Bangalore), since 2006 at the State University of Oradea, Romania and at the state University of the West in Timisoara, Romania (professor of the sociology of religion) and since 2009 as Distinguished Professor of Global Ethics and International Development at William Carey University (Shillong, Meghalaya, India).

He is internationally active pro family and against abortion (as director of the Institute for Life and Family) and against persecution of Christians (as director of the International Institute of Religious Freedom of the World Evangelical Alliance and as director of the Commission for Religious Freedom of the German and the Austrian Evangelical Alliance and member of the same commission of the World Evangelical Alliance). Since 2010 he is also Chair of the Theological Commission of the World Evangelical Alliance and since 2011 Chair of the Association of German Speaking Evangelical Missiologists. Since 2015 he is in addition Chair of the Theological Commission of the European Evangelical Alliance.

He also is involved in all kinds of publishing activities. He has been editor of ‘Bibel und Gemeinde’, co-editor of ‘Contra Mundum: A Reformed Cultural Review’, and of ‘Reflection: An International Reformed Review of Missiology’. Presently he is editor of the ‘International Journal for Religious Freedom’, the ‘Evangelical Review of Theology’, and of ‘Evangelische Missiologie’.

Since 1986 he owns the publishing house ‘Culture and Science Publ.’ (‘Verlag für Kultur und Wissenschaft’), which publishes academic books on language, culture, religion and mission, and co-owns Consulting Schirrmacher GbR, a business and educational business company.

Hobbies: His family, reading books, international zoos, classic music between Heinrich Schütz and Rachmaninoff.