Anastasia Kasapidou-Dick (Chairwoman of the Committee for the Promotion of the Investigation and Recognition of the Genocide in the Federation of Greek Pontian Associations in Europe):

“It is probably rare in life to meet a person who in a short life span has got to know, studied and internalized so many aspects of the most different religions. His explanations, studies and analyses on this subject should fill entire rooms and open up a fascinating world to many a young student … And so one can rightly claim that the teacher, theologian, religious scholar, human rights activist and author that he is, is most valued by religious and political leaders for what distinguishes him most: Professor Dr. Thomas Schirrmacher is a peace ambassador and mediator at the same time. He is exactly the kind of person we need in a world that – strengthened by digital media – seems to be surrounded only by conflict.”

Simon Jacob (Chair, Central Council of Oriental Christians):

“I thank Professor Dr. Dr. Thomas Schirrmacher for campaigning for peace worldwide and for furthering the interests of the Central Council.”

Vatican News:

“He is considered one of the architects of the joint statement issued in 2011 by the Vatican, the World Council of Churches and the WEA, ‘Christian Witness in a Multi-Religious World.’ The statement documented a new collaboration among partners who had not had too much to say to each other in the past.”

Ttanja Samrotzki, the well known N24 reporter covering the German Parliament (Deutscher Bundestag) and journalist, in a panel discussion “Human Right Religious Freedom” in the CDU/CSU group of the German Parliament on September 15, 2014 (, from 44:00 on)

“A pioneer in matters relating to religious freedom”

The Society for Threatened Peoples, Göttingen:

“The religious scholar Thomas Schirrmacher, based in Bonn . . . [is] one of the leading experts in matters relating to the persecution of Christians”

The major German daily newspaper Die Welt:

“As the Director of the International Institute for Religious Freedom, with its headquarters in Bonn, Thomas Schirrmacher is to be counted among the leading experts in the world in matters relating to to the persecution of Christians. The human rights activist . . .”

Prof. Dr. phil. Dr. theol. Georg Huntemann:

“A theological masterpiece – take up and read” (regarding Schirrmacher’s Ethics):
“Truly excellent thoughts and perspectives . . . almost brilliant perspectives” ( regarding Schirrmacher’s The Letter to the Romans)

Till. R. Stoldt in the major German Sunday newspaper Die Welt am Sonntag:

“The Pope’s favorite Protestant,” “Two individuals who understand each other: the Evangelical theologian Thomas Schirrmacher and Pope Francis”

Prof. Dr. Daniel Philpott introducing my statement at the Pontifical University in the Vatican:

“The Pope’s favorite Protestant”

Die Welt am Sonntag:

“A multi-talented religious individual: Thomas Schirrmacher is a master at multi-tasking. This Evangelical is a professor of theology. At the same time, he is the Director of the Institute for Religious Freedom, President of the International Society for Human Rights (ISHR), and Chairman of the Theological Commission of the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA). As such, he performs the task of a leading Evangelical theologian and of being the WEA Foreign Affairs Representative. For years he has been a sought after expert for the Bundestag, churches, and the United Nations.”

Pfr. Rudolf Bäumer (1912-1993)  – Foreword to The Letter to the Romans (1993):

“The letter of the Apostle Paul to the young Christian church in Rome – doubtless the most important letter in the history of mankind – provided repeatedly decisive impetuses for a deeper understanding of the faith, for more determined discipleship of Jesus, more confident obedience in faith, and more courageous missionary witness. With impressive care,  Dr. Thomas Schirrmacher has set up a path which can give today’s church the necessary theology for Reformational renewal. In a fortunate turn, he combines academic accurateness and general comprehensibility. He does not hide the author’s testimony to faith but asks for intensive and diligent work with the text. Whoever only knows a little about the letter to the Romans will be introduced step by step to the essential insights of Reformed theologians. Whoever already knows the letter to the Romans well will be surprised at how many new issues arise and how the power of the gospel is inexhaustible.”

Laudatio when receiving the honorary doctorate (DD) from Cranmer Theological Seminary 1997:

Whereas Professor Doctor Thomas Schirrmacher has distinguished the cause of Ancient and Reformational Christianity by authoring several foundational writings, most notably his recent publication of a thesis on Christian ethics that presumes the authority of Holy Scripture and the absoluteness of the Ten Commandments, which has served to revitalize the study of Ethics with a Biblical-Reformational perspective in an age of humanism, and

Whereas Professor Doctor Thomas Schirrmacher has contributed to theological education by returning Missions to its proper place as integral to the whole of theological thought and action, and

Whereas Pfarrer Schirrmacher has worked to promote Christian unity among Evangelical Christians to the greater proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and

Whereas Pfarrer Schirrmacher has promoted the establishment of the Reformed Episcopal Church in Germany by inviting other pastors and scholars to work with German Christians to this end, and

Whereas Professor Doctor Thomas Schirrmacher has helped to establish the Martin Bucer Theological Seminary as an extension of the Cranmer Theological House of the Reformed Episcopal Church in Shreveport, Louisiana in the United States, therefore

On this day, the 26th of September, 1997 Anno Domini, by the authority of Cranmer Theological House of the Reformed Episcopal Church and the State of Louisiana in the United States, I confer upon you, Thomas Schirrmacher, servant of God, the Doctor of Divinity in recognition of your honorable service and faithful work for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
The Very Rev. Canon Dr. Ray R. Sutton, Th.D. with The Very Rev. Bishop Dr. Royal Grote, DD und The Very Rev. Bishop Robert H. Booth, DD


Press release on receiving the ‚Pro Fide’-Award for Human Rights in 2008:

The Bonn based human rights activist, Thomas Schirrmacher, received this year’s “International Pro Fide Award” from the Finish organization “Friends of the Martyrs,” for his ongoing international efforts on behalf of persecuted Christians and followers of other religions. The award money will be used on behalf of Iraqi refugees.

Since 1991 the annual award has been granted to a person “whose work has made a pronounced difference in the lives of persecuted Christians.” Some of the previous recipients include Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand (Romania), Archbishop Samuel Aktas (Turkey), Bishop Paride Taban (Sudan), Bishop Laslo Tökes (Romania), and Godfrey Yogarajah (Sri Lanka).

The award ceremony was part of the General Assembly of the World Evangelical Alliance in Pattaya, Thailand, with about 600 people present. It came at the end of a two hour panel discussion on the themes of freedom of religion and the persecution of Christians, with participants from all the continents. The award was presented by the Lutheran pastor, Johan Candelin, religious freedom advisor to the Finnish Parliament. Candelin especially emphasized that the recipient and his team have made the problems of the persecution of Christians and the denial of religious freedom a well documented matter of public knowledge, trusted by academics, politicians, and the media.

Because the recipient was especially thanked for efforts to assist Christian refugees from Iraq in Jordan and Syria, the Legal Advisor from the UN Refugee Commission for Jordan, Yara Hussein, participated in the discussion and award ceremony. She congratulated the recipient in the name of the UN Refugee Commission and thanked him for his international engagement on behalf of Iraqi refugees in Jordan and Syria. He played an essential role in bringing this theme into international public discussion, so that Germany, the EU, the US, and Canada now plan to accept groups of refugees from Iraqi minorities.

The International Director of the World Evangelical Alliance, Geoff Tunnicliffe, explicitly endorsed the International Institute for Religious Freedom led by Thomas Schirrmacher. He emphasized that Schirrmacher’s institute is addressing concerns which also have been central for the WEA since its beginning.

Source: Bonner Querschnitte 27/2008