• Promoting evangelism in Germany

    Promoting evangelism in Germany

    Thomas Schirrmacher gives closing plenary and prayer at BGEA’s Evangelism Summit in Duesseldorf, Germany

  • Thomas Schirrmacher: Jack of All Trades

    Thomas Schirrmacher: Jack of All Trades

    A German will soon represent 600 million Christians as Secretary General of the World Evangelical Alliance: Thomas Schirrmacher. He has been involved on the big stage of politics and religion for decades. He will be inaugurated into his new office on February 27.

  • With Billy Grahams son Franklin, only a few days before his father died

    Billy Graham’s advice to me

    As a young man, I had the rare chance to meet Billy Graham personally. I asked him what he would do differently if he could Iive over again. He replied that before becoming a Christian leader, he would have invested much more time in studying the Bible in depth and being discipled by a respected Bible teacher.