Together with members of the Royal Ghassanid family from Lebanon and Jordan including Prince Gharios and Sheikh El Chemor, which ruled Lebanon until the 18th century, I had the privilege to discuss religious freedom with the President of Lebanon. In a later discussion with his staff we agreed on a far reaching cooperation with state universities. Lebanon is not only glad to have a President again, but we are glad, that he is a friend of religious freedom and does not just to win something for the Christians, but gets all major religious groups in Lebanon to talk to each other again, even Shiites and Sunnites.

When leaving the President’s palace, I happened to meet my friend Patriarch Gregor III Lama, who just had told the President, that the Pope has excepted his offer to step back with 85 years.

Picture: Thomas Schirrmacher and Patriarch Gregor III Laham.


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