(Bonn, 16.12.2016) The Ambassador of the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) to the Vatican, Prof. Dr. Thomas K. Johnson (Prague/Rome), and the Deputy General Secretary of the WEA, Thomas Schirrmacher (Bonn), paid a courtesy visit to the German Ambassador to the Vatican, Annette Schawan, on the occasion of several meetings of the Global Christian Forum and the Secretaries for Christian World Communions in Rome.

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Schawan received an update on the state of global ecumenical relations while she presented topics which, according to her experience since taking office, urgently call for reappraisal.

The dialogue partners came to the mutual assessment that at the present, global intrafaith relations are making great progress in questions of doctrine. However, this is being negated to the same degree by a drifting apart in questions of ethics. And this drift in regard to ethics is often not occurring between Evangelical and Catholic churches but is taking place within both Evangelical and Catholic churches.

Ambassador Schawan has an article in the just published Yearbook on Religious Freedom that is edited by, among others, Thomas Schirrmacher.


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