During its last conflict with Israel, Hamas fired Iranian mid-range missiles numerous times at the Israeli Dimona nuclear reactor 80 kilometers southeast of Gaza in the Negev Desert. A number of missiles just missed the nuclear reactor, while others were intercepted by the Iron Dome

Anyone else who perpetrated such madness would encounter the outrage of the entire civilized world, regardless of whatever wrong preceded it. Not so with Hamas.

Anyone else who perpetrated such madness would be a permanent topic for the UN Security Council. Not so with Hamas.

Anyone else who perpetrated such madness would meet the embittered protest of neighboring countries, which depending on the weather could be strongly affected in the case of a nuclear worst case scenario (MCA, or Maximum Credible Accident).

It apparently did not bother the terrorists in their concrete tunnels that it they had hit their target, they would have irreversibly exposed their own population to contamination with radiation.

All of that has nothing to do with the question of how one stands regarding Israel’s policies, which way of resolving the conflict one prefers, and indeed who is right or wrong when it comes to the Holy Land. All of this also has nothing to do with the question of what Israel had been doing or is doing with the reactor, whether nuclear warheads had been produced there or are even stored there and whether the outdated reactor should be taken out of commission today rather than tomorrow. If nuclear warheads are actually being stored there, what the terrorists did is even worse and more dangerous.

Whoever launches missiles at nuclear power plants should not be permitted to be anyone’s dialog partner. There should be only one thing at stake: how to put a stop to this. That means the following on the ground: How can it be ensured that the elected Palestinian government regain power in its own country and not be hindered in its rule by terrorists. The following should not be forgotten: Hamas and the masterminds in the Gaza Strip have up to now been unsuccessful in bringing the West Bank into the conflict! The responsible parties there deserve praise that in the middle of war they have been successful in keeping the West Bank out of the military conflict.

Note: Terrorists and extremists who go unopposed become more and more extreme. Terrorism is like an addiction. The dosage has to continually be increased and, like every addiction, causes one to lose touch with reality. The madness, the risk tolerance, the danger, and the brutality increase with every intensification of the addiction, in the case of heroin just as in the case of uncontrolled violence. Hamas demonstrates this in Israel, and IS demonstrates this in Iraq.


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