Galatians between Legalism and Antinomianism

Cover Law or Spirit? Galatians between Legalism and AntinomianismThis commentary emphasising the ethical aspects of Galatians seeks to prove that Galatians is not only fighting legalists but also a second party of Paul’s opponents, who were totally opposed to the Old Testament and the Law, and lived immorally in the name of Christian freedom, a view especially endorsed by Wilhelm Lütgert’s commentary of 1919. Paul is fighting against the abrogation of the Old Testament Law as well as against using this Law as way of salvation instead of God’s grace.


  • Thomas Schirrmacher. Law or Spirit? Galatians between Legalism and Antinomianism. Reformatorischer Verlag Beese – RVB, 2008. ISBN: 978-3-928936-32-3. 94 S.


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