• Cover: Gemeinde und Mission im Römerbrie

    Church and Mission in the Letter to the Romans (1999)

    I just received an English translation of my oldest article on Romans from 1999, which later grew into large studies.

  • On the Term “Missional”

    Much of what I have stand for or defend, e.g. in my book ‘Missio Dei’, has increasingly been labeled “missional” over the past ten years or so in place of the older term “missionary.” That is not completely coincidental, since in the case of almost all advocates of the expression “missional church” the names Lesslie Newbigin and David Bosch are mentioned as the sources of inspiration and the representatives of the term’s use. Both individuals were closely allied with the term missio Dei.

  • Missio Dei

    Missio Dei

    The important term Missio Dei (Mission of God) needs a biblical foundation. The sending of God by God is a foundational motive in the New Testament. Even at the very beginning of salvation history, shortly after creation, God became the first missionary.