• 90 years deaconess motherhouse Lachen

    90 years deaconess motherhouse Lachen

    Secretary General contributes to the Festschrift of the Home of Deaconesses where he found Jesus

  • Foto: Thomas Schirrmacher

    10 + 1 questions to Prof. Dr. theol. Dr. phil. Thomas Schirrmacher

    We are grateful to Prof. Dr. Schirrmacher for answering our questions. He is known as somebody who is prepared to give offense, if appropriate. He is known to me primarely for his struggle for persecuted Christians in all the world. His open-minded attitude towards ecumenism, however, has also brought much criticism upon him. He is furthermore known as an author of numerous publications, among them his famous standard work: “Ethics”.

  • Theologian thanks two Deaconesses

    Theologian thanks two Deaconesses

    50 years ago the Associate Secretary General of the World Evangelical Alliance, Thomas Schirrmacher, who is responsible for theological concerns, decided to move Jesus Christ into the center of his life. The place where this happened was the diaconal facility Diakonissen-Mutterhaus in Lachen, Germany, and it is there that Schirrmacher gave a sermon in a worship service upon the anniversary of this occasion and thanked the two deaconesses who looked after him at that time and explained the gospel to him.

  • Tabellarischer Vergleich zwischen dem Inspirationsverständnis von Bibel und Koran

    Diese Tabelle ist eine Erweiterung der Tabelle in meinem Buch „Koran und Bibel“ (2009), das inzwischen im Mai 2012 in 4. Auflage erschienen ist (Bestellmöglichkeit hier). Zudem sind die beiden Spalten hier vertauscht worden, so […]

  • Glauben alle Monotheisten an denselben Gott? (Teil 1)

    Existenz des Schöpfers contra Vertrauen auf den Schöpfer! Die Frage, ob andere Religionen an denselben Gott glauben, führt aus evangelikaler Sicht leicht in die Irre, da es für Christen eher darum geht, ob man in […]

  • All People are Sinners, part 1

    Is this a claim of faith or of reason? When Christians make divine revelation the point of departure for their thinking, this does not mean that they believe something nonsensical or that revelation is essentially […]