Stories about my life: Code of ethics at Lausanne III in Cape Town 2010

On October 20, 2010, I gave a seminar “In Defense of Christian Liberty: The International Ethic Code for Christian Witness” on the development of the document “Christian Witness in a multi-religious World” signed one year later (2011) by the Vatican, World Council of Churches and the World Evangelical Alliance.

I was accompanied Godfrey Yogarajah (Colombo, Sri Lanka), Christof Sauer (Cape Town), Are L. Svendsen (Oslo, Norway). Elder mission statesman like Prof. Dr. Peter Beyerhaus, who represented evangelicals in the debates with WCC in the last century more than anybody else, congratulated us for this major achievement in mission history. Heads of orphanages and several leaders, who grew up in such orphanages, stated, how important it is, that Christian orphanages discuss in detail, how they prevent that their orphans just become Christians because they have no other choice etc.

We also had the full backing of Archbishop Henry Luke Orombi, the Anglican Primate of Uganda, who was the Chair of the Invitation Committee of LAUSANNE III in Cape Town.

Here is the discussion sheet and some old photos:

I also attach my report on Lausanne III with a nice photo with my old friend, the Anglican Primate and Archbishop of Uganda, Henry Luke Orombi, Chair of the Invitation Committee of Lausanne III in Cape Town.


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