Applying the Word of God in Different Situations

Cover Culture of Shame / Culture of GuiltUntil now theology has hardly paid sufficient attention to the difference between cultures that are primarily guilt-oriented and those that are primarily shame-oriented. Thomas Schirrmacher’s work is noteworthy for the way he informs the reader not only as it relates to missionary theology and activity. It goes on to inform the reader on this important topic as it relates to educational theory, ethics, and counseling from the points of view of both cultural anthropological and theology. The work demonstrates that a total contrast between shame and guilt orientations does not correspond to the Biblical message, nor is it derived from the tradition of the Occident and from churches of Reformation origin. Rather, shame was already considered in and integrated into these perspectives. The work is particularly challenging insofar as it calls for closer attention to be paid to the significance of the undisputed differences between shame-oriented and guilt-oriented cultures for the Christian doctrine of sin and also of reconciliation with God through Christ.

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Eibach, Professor for Systematic Theology, Bonn, Germany


  • Thomas Schirrmacher. Culture of Shame / Culture of Guilt: Applying the Word of God in Different Situations. World of Theology Series. Vol. 6. Culture and Science Publishing: Bonn, 2013. ISBN: 978-3-86269-044-2. 90 pp.


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