Thomas Schirrmacher visits the leadership of the Swedish Evangelical Alliance in Stockholm

Invited by Olaf Edsinger, the General Secretary of the Swedish Evangelical Alliance (Svenska Evangeliska Alliansen (SEA), SEA on YouTube and Facebook), Thomas Schirrmacher visited the leadership of the Swedish Evangelical Alliance in its headquarter in Stockholm. They had an in-depth discussion on the future of Evangelical Alliance is highly secularized countries. Schirrmacher also listened to experiences to integrate large and active churches planted by African pastors and evangelists in Sweden, who were represented in the group as well.

Speeches were given by Schirrmacher, Olaf designer and Matthias Böhning, who represented the European Evangelical Alliance, but also reported on the World Evangelical Alliance’ engagement on the ongoing UN conference Stockholm+50.

Here a quote from Olof Edsinger:

“My belief is that we, as Christians in today’s culture, need to have an awareness of the competing gods of digital Babylon. We need to realise that behind the trends, ideologies and mindsets that we face, there are spiritual realities. Without this awareness, and the spiritual practices that accompany it, it will be very hard to overcome the gods of Europe either on a personal or an institutional level.”

Thomas Paul’s week 25


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