The World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) expresses its deep concern over escalating violence in the Holy Land and calls upon all sides to exercise restraint and cease retaliatory actions that exacerbate the conflict, threatening the lives of innocent civilians. Likewise, we call upon all powers listened to within the region to use their influence for lasting peace.

Secretary General Bishop Dr Thomas Schirrmacher states:

“We are saddened to witness the increasing tensions that have spilled over into scenes of violent civil conflict and military action and the inevitable suffering and loss of life it causes among innocent people. We are very conscious that the underlying issues are long-standing, multi-faceted and complex, but we are convinced that violence will never bring about a lasting solution to the conflict,” Schirrmacher said. “Following Paul’s encouragement, let us pray for ‘kings and rulers’ that the whole region will not be inflamed.”

The WEA calls upon the global family of churches and believers to urgently uplift the situation in prayer, that peace (salam/shalom) will be restored and for lasting resolution of underlying tensions that will alleviate disproportionate retaliation. WEA’s Israeli and Palestinian member-bodies have noted the tragic loss of life amongst innocent civilians, along with devastating destruction of property, and call upon brothers and sisters around the world to join together in prayer that the people of the region will heed the way of justice and peace.

Schirrmacher added.

“Please also pray for the believers in Christ, both Israeli and Palestinian, for their protection and comfort and also that they may be a source of comfort for others around them, and a good example of reconciliation and unity in Christ.”


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