The Flight

Starting from Baltrum, we went on a round flight over six East Frisian islands. Thus we flew over (from west to east) (Memmert), Juist, Norderney, Baltrum, Langeoog, Spiekeroog and Wangerooge (Minsener Oog), with stopover in Harle (Harlesiel), in fairest weather on the sea-side as well as on the waddon-, respectively land-side, perfect visibility and low tide. Because only then the beautiful landscape of the Waddon Sea can be seen. A map corresponding with the flight is available from „Baltrum Flug“.

The Pilot

Baltrum Westspitze

Our pilot, Olaf Klün, is something like an „institution“ in Baltrum. He is flying in old family tradition and at the same time working as head chef and maintainer of a hotel, from which one can observe the airport (see the TV-documentary „The Flying Cook“).

With the booking on-site they were all very flexible, in order to secure really good visibility and good state of tide. In case of bad visibility Baltrum-Flug themselves postpone the flight. The aircraft is suitable for, next to the pilot, two adults and, if applicable, one child. Further information will be found in this PDF.


The Photos

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