The Grand Jury members and the board of the Health:Angels-Award visited the Secretary General of the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA), Thomas Schirrmacher, in Bonn on the “Petersberg”.

The Health:Angel is the “Oscar” for the best health communication. How are health issues presented to the public? The board is looking into projects from the WEA world, which can be nominated to the Grand Jury in 2022.

The picture shows the artist Massimo Brandi from Italy, who in 2016 created the figure of the Health:Angel in 2016, on the right side of the Secretary General. His passion for art began in childhood. After graduating as a commercial artist from the Institute of Higher Education “Federigo Enriques” in Castelfiorentino, he explored painting techniques and art theorie. Currently, he works as a consultant in sculpture together with the sculptor Marco Di Piazza in workshops in Bonn and San Gimignano.

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