(Bonn, 19.07.2016) The short version of Thomas Schirrmacher 8-volumes-ethics has been published in Czech language, the second East-European language after the Romanian edition. The English is distributed globally by the World Evangelical Alliance as part of its Global Issues Series.

The Czech book was presented during the evangelical “Theological Forum” in Prague by a lecture by Dr. Peter Cimala, director of the Comenius Institute (Komenského institut v Praze). Rene Drapal introduced the book in a lecture on evangelical etchis at Evangelical Theological Seminary in Prague (ETS). He said: “I begun using the book as the main text for the classes I teach at Evangelical Theological Seminary in Prague. Students are required to thoroughly familiarize themselves with the book and the principles it sets forth. Then they are challenged to think through an ethical issue of their own choosing, using the book as a guide, and write a paper. The feedback so far has been quite positive.”

This is what further scholars said about the book:

“I have not read such a practical book in a long time. Ethics has been called practical philosophy, but more often than not expert books about ethics are anything but practical. The book by my colleague Dr. Schirrmacher is truly practical. All the ethical principles which the author presents are specified and applied in real life situations.”

PhDr. Jan Hábl, PhD, professor of pedagogy at University Hradec Králové and pastor in Církev bratrská (Brethren Free Evangelical Church)

“By reading this book, you will immerse yourself in a book which will draw you into the world of ethical decision making and will help you connect ethical criteria and life experience. Without a doubt, the whole area of moral responsibility is a truly vital and timely theme in the present ethical chaos and pluralistic fuzziness of European society.”

ThDr. Pavel Černý, Th.D., lecturer of practical theology and missiology at Evangelical Theological Seminary in Prague and Pastor of Church of the Brethren in Prague

Bibliographical data:

  • Thomas Schirrmacher. Morální odpovědnost: Tři rozměry etického rozhodování. Návrat domů: Prague, 2016. 136 pp.
  • Buy it from: www.navrat.cz


  • Norman Rentrop on the book (PDF)
  • Cover Czech version (JPG)
  • Cover German version (JPG)
  •  Cover Romanian version (JPG, PDF)
  • Cover English version (JPG, PDF)



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