The International Council of ISHR thanks her for coordinating the sections

Photo: Maya RobinsonMaya Robinson came originally to the ISHR, through the German government Federal Volunteer Service from August 2015 to September 2016. She was based at the headquarters of the ISHR in Frankfurt. Fluent in German and as a native English speaker, with a master’s degree in international development cooperation, she immediately became indispensable to the work of the International Council of the ISHR and subsequently received a full position. Unfortunately, Maya Robinson now leaves us at her own request, in order to pursue a new direction and to further develop herself.

She worked tirelessly to maintain the correspondence with the many sections around the world, revived the newsletter and created it on her own initiative. She greatly supported the Eastern Europe Project and the related human rights website, for which Dr. Carmen Krusch-Grün is responsible.

Photo: Maya RobinsonEveryone who came across her or worked with her appreciated not only her courteous and friendly demeanor, but also the competence with which she implemented the things for which ISHR does not actually have enough manpower or finances at its disposal. As president, I could always rely on her to do her job reliably. Her work went far beyond the call of duty. Unforgettable is her dedication and expertise in creating mammoth applications for the European Union projects, which were successful. The meeting of the International Council 2018 in Bonn was well prepared and organized by her.

Maya, the International Council of the ISHR would like to thank you for your dedication! We will miss you very much. You are leaving behind big shoes for your successor. We wish you every success in your new job.

Thomas Schirrmacher, President of the International Council of the ISHR


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