We often look towards technology for our answers. In many ways, technological progress has continued to make leaps and bounds. We are able to light up whole cities, connect the world instantly with a touch of a button, perform microsurgeries, photograph the globe from satellites, and put all the information and entertainment we’ll ever need on a device that fits in our pocket. Today, we can even just tell ChatGPT what to say.

At the same time, our lives are not spared from human suffering. Like sudden accidents, family disputes, job insecurity or an unexpected death. Or horrible wars we can’t stop. Or a wildfire. Or rising crime rates. Or climate change. We can’t seem to escape our human condition.

In this Christmas season, we are reminded that the Answer to our suffering came in the form of a human baby. A vulnerable and needy infant, who was raised by his earthly family, became the light of the world. Jesus Christ stepped into human history, more than 2,000 years ago, to show us the way of abundance and hope in a world of human suffering.

As witnesses to this story, we find salvation for our human condition. Baby Jesus, the Son of God, son of man, born of woman, was chosen to bring redemption to humankind. For God so loved the world. And as humans, loved by God, we are to shine the light of the world to bring forth the glorious brightness of God where we are.

As we approach Christmas, we once again remember our ultimate source of light. It is the light of the world, Jesus Christ himself. He is the answer to our human condition. No matter how dark it may become in our own lives or in the world we live in, he shines in the midst of the darkness. May you draw strength and courage in the new year from this light.

Merry Christmas!


Bishop Dr Thomas Schirrmacher
Secretary General World Evangelical Alliance


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