• Cover Menschenhandel / Human Trafficking

    Human Trafficking

    “Everyone knows what slavery is, from school, from television documentaries, or from the movies. The abolition of slavery belongs to the triumphs of history. It is an integral component of the path to human rights, democracy, and a free society. And it belongs to history. That is, however, a huge mistake. ...”

  • Cover Fundamentalismus / Fundamentalims


    September 11, bomb attacks in Madrid and London with hundreds of victims, burning automobiles, homes, police stations, and churches all over the world: Truth claims paired with violence or its justification yield fundamentalism.

  • Cover Rassismus / Racism


    Intolerance and violence through racism includes slavery, national socialism in Germany, apartheid in South Africa, or the genocides in Rwanda and Bosnia. But racism is not only wrong theologically, it is not only against the dignity of humans, that guarantees their human rights, but newer genetic research also proves that the whole classification into races is without foundation.