• Old Synagogue Warsaw

    Remains of the Warsaw Ghetto

    I have visited the remains of the Warsaw Ghetto and Jewish life in Warsaw before 1939 on several occasions, and here I show some photos from my large collection.

  • Religious Dialogue in Azerbaijan

    Christine and Thomas Schirrmacher have paid a visit to the ministry of religious affairs in Azerbaijan as well as to government organizations having to do with the areas of religion and culture. Additionally, they visited the leaders of the different Muslim confessions as well as leaders of the Jewish community and the leadership of the officially recognized denominations within the country (Orthodox, Catholic, Lutheran), all in an effort to construct a picture of the situation relating to religious freedom and the status of the dialogue conducted between Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. Besides that, they also met with the chairpersons of the most important human rights organizations in the country.

  • Hans Naumann 2: Der Fall Thomas Mann

    Auszug aus „Das göttliche Volkstum“ und der „Glaube an Deutschlands Größe und heilige Sendung“: Hans Naumann als Volkskundler und Germanist im Nationalsozialismus. [2 Bände, 1992]. zus. 620 S. Neuauflage in einem Band. 2000. ISBN 978-3-932829-16-1. […]

  • The Influence of Jewish Fundamentalism on Legislation in Israel

    A threat to religious freedom in the only democracy in the Near East Overall, national religious political parties currently receive about 15% of the vote. And yet as small coalition partners they have gained an […]

  • Muslim anti-Semites

    Richard Herzinger has pointed out in a commentary in the German daily newspaper Die Welt entitled “Europa lässt sich von den Judenhassern täuschen“ (“Europe allows itself to be deceived by anti-Semites”) that in Europe one […]