• Corruption: When Self-Interest Comes before the Common Good

    Corruption: When Self-Interest Comes before the Common Good

    Corruption is neither a private problem nor a peccadillo. Corruption can be deadly, for instance if poor quality parts are installed in planes, if development funds for the hungry are diverted for private use, or if the drinking water supply is overpriced due to corruption and as a result the poor can not afford it. Corruption affects everyone, or at least a great many, even if they do not usually immediately notice or know it.

  • Modern Fathers: Neither Wimps nor Tyrants

    Modern Fathers: Neither Wimps nor Tyrants

    There have always been good fathers and bad fathers. But never before in history has the role of fathers been as undefined as it is today. Hardly anyone who becomes a father is entering the race with a religious, cultural or educational assignment.

  • Human Trafficking

    Human Trafficking

    (Deutsch) Deutschland ist Umschlagplatz Nummer 1 für die Ware Mensch in Europa. Mitten in unseren Städten existiert eine dunkle Parallelgesellschaft: Zwangsprostitution, Kindersex, illegale Arbeiter, Organhandel oder Kinderbanden. Thomas Schirrmacher klärt mit seinem neuen Buch auf und zeigt, wie jeder Einzelne helfen kann.

  • Foto: Thomas Schirrmacher

    10 + 1 questions to Prof. Dr. theol. Dr. phil. Thomas Schirrmacher

    We are grateful to Prof. Dr. Schirrmacher for answering our questions. He is known as somebody who is prepared to give offense, if appropriate. He is known to me primarely for his struggle for persecuted Christians in all the world. His open-minded attitude towards ecumenism, however, has also brought much criticism upon him. He is furthermore known as an author of numerous publications, among them his famous standard work: “Ethics”.


    Κοράνιο και Βίβλος: “Quran and Bible” available in Greek now

    Two world religions – two global books: Bible and Koran. Both are distributed millions and millions of times. Their contents write world history. But two books can hardly be more different in origin, style and message. Finally, the reader learns briefly and succinctly what unites and above all separates the two – now also available in Greek!