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The World Evangelical Fellowship (today World Evangelical Fellowship) 1989 published a guide WORLD DIRECTORY MISSIONS RESEARCH AND INFORMATION CENTRES (Singapore 1989). It listed our research institute “Institut für Weltmission und Gemeindebau (German Center for World Mission)” with the following data:

Institut für Weltmission und Gemeindebau (German Center for World Mission)

Contact Person: Dr. Thomas Schirrmacher
Title: Director

Description: The G.C.W.M. publishes literature on hidden peoples, especially those in Europe, communist countries and Islamic areas. They also train students and future missionaries.

Europe – Unreached Peoples
Function/s: Gather – Analyse – Strategise
Periodicals: Gemeinde Konkret, a bi-monthly bulletin // Mission Konkret, a bi-monthly broadsheet with mission news.
Other Publications: Book series – “Evangelical Missiology”. Materials on Kurds – a Kurdish Grammar, a Kurdish bibliography. German edition of Operation World. German version of Gospel Recordings data. Review of Mission Literature.


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