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  • Diskussion mit dem Vorsitzenden des Zentralrats der Muslime

    Radiodiskussion des Deutschlandradio Köln Moderation: Bernd Kallina Teilnehmer: Dr. Nadeem Elyas (Vorsitzender des Zentralrates der Muslime), Werner Höbsch (Leiter des Referats für interreligiösen Dialog im Erzbistum Köln), Rolf Stolz (Terrorismusexperte), Prof. Dr. Thomas Schirrmacher (Geschäftsführer […]

  • Distanzierung von Unrecht würde den Dialog erleichtern

    (Deutsch) Zu einer Radiodiskussion in der Deutschen Welle in freundlicher Athmosphäre zwischen mir und Aiman A. Mazyek vom Zentralrat der Muslime unter dem Titel „Kopftuch, Kopflos, Kopfschütteln – vom Streit um das sogenannte Kopftuchgesetz und der Religionsfreiheit in Deutschland und anderswo“ schrieb Thomas Josiger in einer Meldung: ...

  • Hope for Europe

    Hope for Europe

    This book is the official theme volume of the congress “Hope 21”, which took place from 27 April to 1 May 2002 in Budapest (Hungary).

  • Legends about the Galileo-Affair

    Legends about the Galileo-Affair

    Thomas Schirrmacher. Legends about the Galileo-Affair. And other Creationist Essays. Reformatorischer Verlag Beese (RVB), 2001. ISBN: 978-3928936217. 122 S.

  • Be keen to get going

    Be keen to get going

    William Carey’s famous ‘Enquiry’ (1792) changed mission history, and he is considered the “Father of Protestant missions”. Even though his life and work has been the topic of many books and articles, a study on his theology is the missing link of mission research.

  • Cover Love is the Fulfilment of Law

    Love is the Fulfilment of Law

    This volume contains in-depth essays in English by the ethicist Thomas Schirrmacher, who is known for representing Christian-ethical standards. He is actively engaged in pastoral counseling in German churches and the Third World and in the fight against abortion and pornography. His treatises are not only profound in thought, but propagate practical consequences that are understandable for every Christian.

  • Cover Lebensrecht für jeden Menschen / The Right to Life for every Person

    The Right to Life for Every Person

    The right to life of people at the beginning and end of life is increasingly endangered throughout Europe. The volume contains the lectures and discussion contributions of politicians, ethicists, lawyers and doctors, as well as the proposals for closer cooperation of about 100 life rights groups from Lithuania to Spain.


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Über michProf. Dr. theol. Dr. phil. Thomas Schirrmacher, PhD, DD, (born 1960) is President of the International Council of the International Society for Human Rights, and Associate Secretary General for Theological Concerns (Theology, Theological Education, Intrafaith and Interfaith Relations, Religious Freedom, Research), which networks churches with appr. 600 million conservative Protestant Christians, chair of its theological commission, and director of the International Institute for Religious Freedom (Bonn, Cape Town, Colombo, Brasilia), the largest research network for religious freedom and against persecution of Christians and other religions and world views. Read more …