• Viele Evangelikale sind katholischer als die katholische Kirche

    (Deutsch) Zu meinem Vortrag ‚Sola Gratia’ auf den ‚Internationalen Studientagen’ des Arche Studienzentrums in Hamburg unter dem Gesamtthema „Die ‚Sola’ der Reformation“ schrieb Thomas Josiger in einem Presseartikel: ...

  • Legends about the Galileo-Affair

    Legends about the Galileo-Affair

    Thomas Schirrmacher. Legends about the Galileo-Affair. And other Creationist Essays. Reformatorischer Verlag Beese (RVB), 2001. ISBN: 978-3928936217. 122 S.

  • Be keen to get going

    Be keen to get going

    William Carey’s famous ‘Enquiry’ (1792) changed mission history, and he is considered the “Father of Protestant missions”. Even though his life and work has been the topic of many books and articles, a study on his theology is the missing link of mission research.

  • Cover Love is the Fulfilment of Law

    Love is the Fulfilment of Law

    This volume contains in-depth essays in English by the ethicist Thomas Schirrmacher, who is known for representing Christian-ethical standards. He is actively engaged in pastoral counseling in German churches and the Third World and in the fight against abortion and pornography. His treatises are not only profound in thought, but propagate practical consequences that are understandable for every Christian.

  • Law or Spirit?

    Law or Spirit?

    This commentary emphasising the ethical aspects of Galatians seeks to prove that Galatians is not only fighting legalists but also a second party of Paul’s opponents, who were totally opposed to the Old Testament and the Law, and lived immorally in the name of Christian freedom.

  • Cover God wants you to Learn Labor and Love

    God wants you to Learn, Labor, and Love

    God wants you to learn: Jesus as Master Educator • God wants you to work: Trinity and Work • God wants you to love: Love Is the Fulfillment of the Law: With the Law Dies Love • God wants you to help • Appendix: Bribery and Corruption

  • Cover Paulus im Kampf gegen den Schleier

    Paul in Conflict with the Veil

    Thomas Schirrmacher argues that from the biblical teaching that man is the head of woman (1 Cor 11:3) the Corinthians had drawn the false conclusions that in prayer a woman must be veiled (11:4-6) and a man is forbidden to be veiled (11:7), and that the wife exists for the husband but not the husband for the wife (11:8-9).