• Christmas: “God with us” vs. Islam

    In the Christian faith God comes near mankind with his revelation. He comes to mankind. He speaks to mankind. He speaks with mankind. He speaks the language of men, and he gives a stable basis […]

  • Muslims: always Victims and never Offenders?

    According to media reports (for instance here or here), the Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan offered protection  to the President of Sudan, who was scheduled to come to Istanbul for a summit of the Organization of […]

  • Who is scared of Evangelical Terrorists?

    Against maliciously equating Evangelicals with Islamic Terrorists Within three days I found the following randomly chosen reports about Islamists, which were published almost simultaneously in practically all major media in Germany: in the Pakistan capital […]

  • Suicide Attacks in Islam

    The fundamentalism debate often makes the incorrect assumption that violent, religious fundamentalists want a return to a premodern era. Journalists, who so eagerly want to link everything and everyone to fundamentalism, take little notice of […]

  • A double Standard: Driving Jews out of the Islamic World

    Between 1948 and 1970 850,000 to 1,000,000 Jews were driven out of Arab countries, where until that time they had lived peacefully for hundreds of years. While Palestinians are mentioned daily in the media and […]

  • With the Mufti of Istanbul and John Templeton, president of the Templeton Foundation, Istanbul (April 2009)

    Schirrmacher trifft islamische Reformer

    Die John Templeton Foundation, eine der ganz wenigen amerikanischen Großstiftungen, die Forschungsgelder für religiöse Themen vergibt, plant ein neues internationales Großforschungsprojekt zur Religionsfreiheit.

  • Koran und Bibel

    Koran und Bibel

    Zwei Weltreligionen – zwei weltumspannende Bücher: Bibel und Koran. Beide werden zigmillionenfach verbreitet. Ihre Inhalte schreiben Weltgeschichte. Doch in Entstehung, Stil und Botschaft können zwei Bücher kaum unterschiedlicher sein. Endlich erfährt der Leser kurz und […]