• Calvin and World Mission

    Calvin and World Mission

    At the end of the ‘Calvin-Year’, in which Christians all over the world celebrate Calvin’s 500th birthday, this books emphasizes Calvin’s role for establishing a Protestant mission theology which later led to a worldwide expansion of Protestant Christianity. The book presents major articles on the topic through 125 years of history and from different viewpoints from 1882 to 2002.

  • Johannes Calvin als Vorreiter der Weltmission

    Johannes Calvin als Vorreiter der Weltmission

    A collection of essays published under edition afem upon the anniversary of Calvin’s Birth (Bonn, 23.12.2009) Calvin not only had the global proclamation of the message of God’s grace in view. He also sent the […]

  • Cover Be keen to get going: William Carey's Theology

    Be keen to get going

    William Carey’s famous ‘Enquiry’ (1792) changed mission history, and he is considered the “Father of Protestant missions”. Even though his life and work has been the topic of many books and articles, a study on his theology is the missing link of mission research.