• Racism


    Intolerance and violence through racism includes slavery, national socialism in Germany, apartheid in South Africa, or the genocides in Rwanda and Bosnia. But racism is not only wrong theologically, it is not only against the dignity of humans, that guarantees their human rights, but newer genetic research also proves that the whole classification into races is without foundation.

  • Die Rechtsberaterin für Jordanien des UN-Flüchtlingskommissars, Yara Hus-sein, gratuliert dem Preisträger und dankt ihm für seinen Einsatz für iraki-sche Flüchtlinge in Jordanien und Syrien

    Schirrmacher receives the Finnish Human Rights Award

    The Bonn based human rights activist, Thomas Schirrmacher, received this year’s “International Pro Fide Award” from the Finish organization “Friends of the Martyrs,” for his ongoing international efforts on behalf of persecuted Christians and followers of other religions. The award money will be used on behalf of Iraqi refugees.

  • Cover Lebensrecht für jeden Menschen / The Right to Life for every Person

    The Right to Life for Every Person

    The right to life of people at the beginning and end of life is increasingly endangered throughout Europe. The volume contains the lectures and discussion contributions of politicians, ethicists, lawyers and doctors, as well as the proposals for closer cooperation of about 100 life rights groups from Lithuania to Spain.

  • Cover Menschenrechte

    Human Rights Threatened in Europe

    Dr. Thomas Schirrmacher is one of the most active Christian fighters for human rights and against abortion in Germany. This volume contains his lectures at the “First European Pro-Life Forum” in Berlin.