Cover Human Rights

Promise and Reality

“All men are free …” When the Universal Charter of Human Rights was launched in 1948, it was a great step towards a just world. Yet the road from a good declaration to reality and to specific actions can be long. Worldwide humans are still treated without dignity, are suppressed, tortured, enslaved or deprived of their freedom. This book undertakes two things at the same time:

  1. It tells the story of human rights and discusses their basis, their theory and their content.
  2. It describes the reality of today: How are human rights violated, how far are we away from a just world?

Only those two sides taken together inform readers to take action.


  • Thomas Schirrmacher. Human Rights: Promise and Reality. The WEA Global Issues Series. Volume 15. Culture and Science Publ. Bonn 2014. 97 pp.

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