Achieving Unity Through Listening to the Scriptures and to Each Other

Cover Advocate of Love – Martin Bucer as Theologian and PastorEvangelicals comprise a movement that spans practically all denominations and even confessions worldwide. Now Evangelicals are found on both sides of the old ditch between established, mainline churches and free churches, between Reformed theology and more recent developments, and between traditional structures and all sorts of revivalist movements. That is reason enough to take the Reformer who already embodied, represented, and unified all of these trends in himself during the 16th century as a role model.

Martin Bucer (1491–1551) was a leading illustration of the attempt to use Scripture to find what is common at a time when Christianity was beginning to experience the fragmentation we see today and to win back erring brothers in a friendly and sustainable manner. For a long time Bucer was the least known of the great Protestant Reformers. But in his lifetime he was as well-known as Luther and Calvin. He achieved this status without establishing a denomination or confession, but was forgotten in an age of separatism in Christianity which did not provide space for reformers who loved unity.


  • Thomas Schirrmacher. Advocate of Love – Martin Bucer as Theologian and Pastor. World of Theology Series. Vol. 5. Culture and Science Publishing: Bonn, 2013. ISBN: 978-3-86269-058-9. 92 pp.


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