The World Evangelical Alliance has officially congratulated ERF Media, the German branch of Trans World Radio, on its 50th anniversary. The welcome address, signed by the International Director of the World Evangelical Allianz, Geoff Tunnicliffe, and the two World Evangelical Allianz spokespeople Christine and Thomas Schirrmacher, was read by Thomas Schirrmacher at the reception given by the Board of ERF Media and is now officially available on the WEA website in both English and German.

This global association, which speaks for 420 million Evangelical Christians, above all thanked ERF Media for bringing Christians from the most diverse range of backgrounds together for the sake of the proclamation of the Gospel. For this reason the ERF justifiably carries its original name Gospel Broadcasting. The ERF has successfully distanced itself from forces that would have prevented a common, cross-border proclamation of the Gospel. In doing so ERF set boundaries, on the one hand, “in front of Christians who admittedly want ecumenism and alliance but no proclamation of the Gospel” and on the other hand “before those who want to proclaim the Gospel but who do not want to countenance an alliance, a coalition of all Christians, a bundling of forces.”

“ERF Media,” according to the words of the welcome address, “in spite of its high degree of dependence on hearers from all camps, has in this point made a great achievement over its 50 years. It has played a significant role in bringing about a situation where German Christians stand together with more variety, breadth, and strength than in 1959!”



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