The Association of Evangelicals in Africa (AEA) hosted the WEA Secretary General Prof. Thomas Schirrmacher and his delegation to an evening of dinner and warm fellowship with various evangelical leaders in Africa on Monday 28th February 2022. The office of the General Secretary of AEA, Dr. Master Matlhaope together with the office of the General Secretary of EAK, Dr. Nelson Makanda indicated their delight and gratitude to Prof. Schirrmacher for coming to encourage the evangeli-cal church in Africa. This trip was unique in that it happened on the last day of the first year of his tenure as Secretary-General of the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA).

Among those present for this reception was the AEA Board Vice-Chairperson who also serves as the AEA’s Eastern Africa Regional President, Bishop Dr. David Oginde, the AACC General Secretary, Rev. Dr. Fidon Mwombeki, the Treasurer to the AEA Executive Board, Mrs. Phyllis Mutua among other key leaders of AEA as well as WEA. The Vice-Chancellor of Africa International University, Prof. Dankit Nassiuma was present for this occasion.

The General Secretary of the Evangelical Alliance of Kenya, Dr. Nelson Makanda gave the opening remarks to the dinner event. In his opening remarks, he highlighted that Kenya is playing a strategic role in serving the evangelicals in Africa. Dr. Makanda thanked Prof. Schirrmacher for visiting the Association of Evangelicals in Africa headquarters. He indicated that EAK is seeking to achieve key objectives in serving the evangelicals in Kenya. These include; holistic spiritual formation of church leaders, equipping the church towards community transformation, empowering the church towards Islam engagement, and capacity building of the secretariat.

The AEA General Secretary, Dr. Master in his welcome remarks talked about the central role AEA has played in uniting African evangelical leaders and serving the World Evangelical Alliance as a strategic entry point to Africa. Dr. Master took his time to introduce Prof. Schirrmacher by highlighting a robust profile of his major accomplishments in serving the Evangelical church both as a Senior Scholar and leader in key evangelical organizations.

In his address during this dinner, Prof. Schirrmacher highlighted the critical role African Evangelicals have played in fostering world evangelization and the place of Creation Care in the fulfillment of the Great Commission. He lauded evangelical leaders in Africa for their continued role in addressing social issues like poverty, disease, governance, and other matters intricate to the wellbeing of Africa. He highlighted the importance of unity and encouraged AEA to remain formidable in the advancement of her vision and mission in Africa.

Prof. Schirrmacher highlighted that the evangelical church has also played a critical role in world evangelization. He noted that Africa has continued to experience growth in Christianity. Africa’s role in world evangelization has been key to reinforcing unity in the church across the world. He said,

“Africa from the beginning has made it clear that the World Evangelical Alliance is not a Western Institution, our differences should not hinder the purpose of the gospel”.

Prof. Schirrmacher lauded the evangelical leaders in Africa for playing a critical role in addressing critical social issues and climate change matters. In the same spirit, he challenged the office of the General Secretary, AEA to seek to have a permanent representative to the UN as a way to communicate matters of global importance to the evangelical bodies to encourage the church to respond appropriately. Among many high-level strategic meetings with evangelical leaders, Prof. Schirrmacher and Mr. Boehning were scheduled to represent the World Evangelical Alliance at the fifth United Nations Environmental Assembly (UNEA 5.2) Conference in Gigiri, Nairobi.


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