WEA Partners with TrustBridge Global to Set Up Foundation Fund, Broaden Funding Base for Evangelical Projects

WEA Global Foundation Fund

Together with the partner organization TrustBridge Global, the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) has set up and notarized a WEA Global Foundation Fund in order to create a strong and sustainable engine to finance, support and foster Kingdom work and Christian initiatives globally.

The WEA Global Foundation Fund exists to provide continuous financial support to Evangelical charitable and non-profit activities. To maximize the use of this financial support, the WEA Global Foundation Fund will also deploy professional planning and reporting services throughout funded projects.

Rev. Timo Plutschinski, Director of the WEA Business Coalition and Fund Initiator, said:

“We are happy to introduce the WEA Global Foundation Fund designed as a powerful avenue to help fund the Kingdom mission that we as the WEA have been called to steward. The WEA Fund pools and multiplies resources from all over the world to empower Christians and reach millions of people through diverse Christian activities.”

And Bishop Thomas Schirrmacher, Secretary General of the World Evangelical Alliance, stated:

“The WEA Global Foundation Fund is a highly appreciated and needed vehicle to strengthen local churches and charity projects through professional financial infrastructure, coordinating resources and seeking specific ways of increasing the impact of the body of Christ.”


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