The WEA Secretary General visits high donors in Houston (Texas) and informs himself about the future of the United Methodist Church

The Secretary General of WEA, Bischop. Dr. Thomas Schirrmacher, had several meetings with high donors and with representatives of Middle Eastern Churches in Houston for two days.

He also informed himself about the future of the United Methodist Church. Since the election of Karen Olivet as bishop of the Western Jurisdiction, who lives in a Lesbian partnership, there are discussions over a kind of friendly divorce of two camps, which led to some preliminary rules by a Special Session of the General Conference in 2019, how conservative congregations can leave the UMC without loosing their assets. But the final plan awaits approval and adaption by a General Conference originally planed for 2020, which was has been postponed twice due to Covid-19 and is called in for August 2022 for the moment being.

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