Even though I was very busy and only found time to open my copy in the evening, I had to read ‘From Jerusalem to Timbuktu: A World Tour of the Spread of Christianity’ in one go! I finished tired, but filled with joy.

Cover From Jerusalem to Timbuktu. A World Tour of the Spread of Christianity“Jesus goes global” catches it all, proven by personal encounters with influential people and Christian believers around the world.

Between the moving encounters of the author who travels the world, also has the skill to write readable and well researched information that describes the rapid move of the gospel to the Global South. This results from a larger emphasis on the Holy Spirit, and the rise of indigenous churches, reaching into the most remote corners of the world with the power of Bible translation.

Give a copy to your friends so they too will be connected to what God is doing today worldwide.

  • Brian C. Stiller. From Jerusalem to Timbuktu. A World Tour of the Spread of Christianity. IVP: Illinois, 2018. 248 pp. ISBN: 978-0-8308-4527-9.

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