Evangelical Alliance of Africa’s Afroscope airs postcast by Secretary General of WEA on Africa and world evangelization

During the recording of the podcast © private

“Bsp. Prof. Thomas Schirrmacher (WEA): The evangelicals in Africa and world evangelization: In this podcast, the Secretary General of the World Evangelical Alliance, Bsp. Prof. Thomas Schirrmacher talks about the critical role evangelicals in Africa have played towards world evangelization. Bsp. Prof. Schirrmacher highlights ways in which the relationship between AEA and WEA has fostered efforts towards the proclamation of the Gospel in Africa and the world.”

Afroscope is

“A Gospel voice, proclaiming the Good news of Jesus amongst all nations and people’s, seeking holiness, justice and transformation. This podcast is exclusively brought to you by the Association of Evangelicals in Africa. The Afroscope Podcast – From Africa to the World”

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