The Schirrmachers teach at The Full Gospel Assemblies Bible College, Lahore, Pakistan

Thomas and Christine Schirrmacher, both professors serving the World Evangelical Alliance, lectured at The Full Gospel Assemblies Bible College, Lahore, founded in 1967. They praised the school for giving female students such a prominent place in a country, in which women suffer from being second class citizens, that often do not count.

While Christine Schirrmacher encouraged the female students, to learn as much as they can, using their gifts and talents for taking over responsibility for the future of the world around them, Thomas Schirrmacher addressed the male students:

“In a society, in which it is not a given: Support your wives, daughters and female church members, to learn and take over responsibilities”.

Schirrmacher criticized, that there still are pockets of Christians who think, leadership means to keep others in a lower position than oneself. But women should develop the gifts given to them by the Holy Spirit as much as men. Great leaders smile, when people they help growing, grow beyond them. His wife, Schirrmacher told as an example, knows many more languages than he does, but this does not minimize his gifts, but makes him happy and proud.

“Recently my wife and my daughter learned Biblical Hebrew for a year and now know the language better, than me after 30 years”, he said.

Principal Rev. Dr. Liaquat Qaiser writes about the history of the Bible College:

“Full Gospel Assemblies started with one Church in 1947. Today there are 200 churches in all over the country. Totally there are about 45,000 adult members in these churches. 500 Pastors, Evangelists and Christian workers have been trained through FGA Bible College which was established in 1967. The Bible College has trained leaders who are working in other ministries. A Christian monthly magazine named ‘Satoon-i-Haq’ (Pillar of Truth) was launched in 1985. A Bible Correspondence School was established in 1970 that has reached millions of people. Twenty six Christian books in Urdu and ten Gospel tracts have been published.”



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