At the moment, Among the cheapest and most promising ways to defame those who think differently is to throw them into the same pot as ISIS and Islamist terrorism. While it has almost become normal for dictators around the world to declare unwelcome movements and forces to be terrorists or to be the breeding ground for the same, it is astounding that this is also happening in Germany. And as of late, it has been happening to Evangelicals, among others. In the process, a completely innocent group of people has been found to be guilty by association for three decades. This runs according to the following principle: Little strokes fell big oaks. The latest example:

A self-declared IS adherent kills 50 guests in a gay bar which he himself had frequently gone toThe newspaper Die WELT even speaks of a gay self-hatred

The newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung wrote the following on the incident: He could just as well have been an Evangelical Christian and have committed this act. 

  • What is it, besides hatred for Evangelicals, that could make such a statement intelligible?
  • Do Evangelicals often shoot and kill homosexuals? I am not aware of a single case anywhere in the world.
  • Do Evangelicals often defect to ISIS? This also yields a negative report.
  • Do Evangelicals often conduct shootings in public? The web has also not revealed any such case.
  • Do Evangelicals at any rate shoot and kill abortion doctors?
    This is also purely fictional, although it has been repeated in public so often that people on the street actually believe it. The leading associations of abortion clinics in the USA do not even bring this charge!
  • And finally: Are there Evangelical churches even just hinting at advocating such things? Although I have often asked: No one has yet provided any evidence that Evangelicals are dangerous.

I would humorously suspect that the author grew up in an Evangelical monastery under medieval educational methods and has not yet processed that. However, there are no such monasteries. What have Evangelicals done to him that they are accused of the worst crimes one can think of without good cause, of indiscriminately killing people on a massive scale without any recognizable reason? Which Evangelical advocates such a thing, let alone allows it or carries it out?

And since the Süddeutsche Zeitung is published in Germany: Which event in Germany entitles this daily newspaper to even hint at sweepingly pushing Evangelicals into the proximity of terrorism and indiscriminate shootings?

Do anti-discrimination legislation and the anti-discrimination agenda not apply to Evangelicals and Pentecostals? Is hate speech against Muslims condemned, is action taken by the media against hate speech against Jehovah’s Witnesses, homosexuals, and Sinti and Roma but allowed at any time against Evangelicals?

Even if there were a single in-the-flesh Evangelical or Pentecostal terrorist and only a single member of an Evangelical church who had killed an abortion doctor: Does that entitled throwing one-half a billion people into a pot and ridiculing them as disguised terrorists?


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