Focus magazine reports on the civil war in Iraq – as many other forms of media have:

“Everywhere in the city there are posters hanging which order families to give up their unmarried daughters – for the sexual support of jihad, or ‘holy war.’ For example, this has been reported by the British newspaper Mirror. Whoever does not follow the ordinance will be brought under Sharia, Islamic law. . . . This practice is fiercely disputed among Muslims and is called ‘jihad al-nikah,’ or ‘sexual jihad’ in English. This is traceable back to a fatwa, a binding pronouncement of faith by a cleric from Saudi Arabia. This cleric gave permission to conduct war prostitution on the basis of the motto: What benefits holy war is utilized by Allah.” (Source)

In addition to these acts of rape, there are supposedly also enthusiastic girls and women who do this voluntarily (whereby according to our legal understanding, voluntary sex on the part of minors can also be seen to fulfill the offense of rape):

“As a result, there were hundreds of girls from the age of 14 and older – but also younger – who have given themselves up to sex-hungry religious warriors, among them also girls from Tunisia. Many returned pregnant, while others returned with sexual diseases. Now the horror begins anew in Iraq.” (ibid.)

Why is there no uproar in coming from the Islamic world?

Unfortunately, rape and war have always belonged together over the course of history [see my books Unterdrückte Frauen (English translation of the title, Oppressed Women), pp. 35-43, and Menschenhandel (Human Trafficking), pp. 11, 53, 67–68]. Unfortunately, compulsory assigning as prostitutes in times of war also has a very long history. The Japanese stole thousands of Korean girls as ‘comfort women’ for the front, and Nazis also transformed concentration camps into brothels.

“Massive violence against women has almost been taken for granted as a side effect of all wars and civil wars. It arises where states exhibit a weakly developed legal and judicial system and lawlessness proliferates. As if that were not shocking enough, it has to be noted in this regard that this factor has tended to increase more than decrease over the past 100 years.” (Oppressed Women, p. 35)

Schirrmacher in discussion with the Grand Mufti of Lebanon, who condemns the persecution of Christians by ISIS

Schirrmacher in discussion with the Grand Mufti of Lebanon, who condemns the persecution of Christians by ISIS

However, all of this is happening in Iraq in the name of God and to the honor of moral victory over the secularized West and over the democracies infected by the West within the Islamic world!

In addition to this, there is the fact that it frequently has to do with minor age girls: According to our legal understanding, it is no longer a question of whether these girls are allegedly enthusiastic or agree for religious or family reasons: One way or the other, it is a question of sexual abuse and rape.

Muslim parents, protect your children from this madness, also by protesting globally!

Should not Muslims everywhere in the world stand up against this and not only against caricatures of Mohammed? Should not Muslims stand up against preaching rape in the name of Islam as a way to paradise?

Would not the Islamic world burst into uproar if such offenses were committed by the West or by Christians? Is not sexual abuse by Catholic priests, which ISIS by far surpasses in its open form of evil, not often cited as a demonstration of the corruption of Christianity?