The Secretary General of the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) meets national director of A Rocha France in Marseille twice

Thomas Schirrmacher met Dr Jean-François Mouhot, National Director of A Rocha France

Thomas Schirrmacher met Dr. Jean-François Mouhot, National Director of A Rocha France, during the ICUN conference in Marseille and again in the evening more casual on the hill of the Sacre Ceur in Marseille.

They discussed the cooperation of WEA and its Sustainability Center in general, but also a grant A Rocha France received by the European Union for teaching material on creation care for churches in Europe.

Photos © Schirrmacher


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  1. Joshua Haverland says:

    Looks like Notre Dame de la Garde
    Our hometown for 10 years.
    A challenging though promising Place
    Hopefully the environment and the people in and around Marseille will profit from your encounter!

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