Bishop Gregory Kenneth Cameron informs Thomas Schirrmacher about the Anglican-Oriental Orthodox Dialogue

Before meeting several leaders of the seven Oriental Orthodox Churches (like the Coptic, Syriac and Ethopian Orthodox Church), who attend the 15th Lambeth Conference in Canterbury, the Co-Chair of the Anglican-Oriental Orthodox International Commission, Bishop Gregory Kenneth Cameron CStJ, informed the Secretary General of WEA, Thomas Schirrmacher about the history and present developments of the Anglican-Oriental Orthodox dialogue. The discussion took place in the historical realm of Canterbury Cathedral. Cameron and Schirrmacher had met several times before, since 2015 Cameron became the Co-Chair of the said commission.

Schirrmacher is interested in a discussion with evangelical theologians around the globe, especially those working on the doctrines of the Trinity and of Christology, in how far the World Evangelical Alliance could go for a similar statement.

Gregory Kenneth Cameron CStJ is Bishop of the Diocese of St Asaph in Wales since 2009. He was born in south east Wales in 1959 and grew up in Llangybi, Monmouthshire. He served as a parish priest in Newport and Llanmartin, later becoming Chaplain at Wycliffe College in Gloucestershire. In 2000, he was appointed Chaplain to the Archbishop of Wales, Rowan Williams, and in 2003 Director of Ecumenical Affairs by the Secretary General of the Anglican Communion in 2003, becoming Deputy Secretary General in 2004. He was secretary to the Lambeth Commission. In this role, he was described by The Times as “the top canon lawyer who helps run the headquarters of the worldwide Anglican Communion”, and it was also said of him that “although his name is not widely known outside the church, he is arguably the most influential clergyman behind the scenes within it”. In 2015, Cameron succeeded Geoffrey Rowell as Anglican Co-Chair of the Anglican–Oriental Orthodox International Commission.


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