Here my endorsement of the European youth mission congress end of the year in Offenburg/Germany, as it is used in the prospectus and elsewhere:

Be transformed to be a cosmopolitan for Jesus through MissionNet! And than start to transform the world through the gospel of Jesus together with a social network of other young Christians! I recommend MissionNet wholeheartedly.

I am 55 and wish I was 20 again! It’s amazing how many opportunities are open by the globalization to travel, to learn, and to have Facebook friends all around the world. How easy can young Christians be snapped into the global awakening of the body of Christ today. MissionNet is an excellent starting point for this: Spiritual impulses from the worldwide missionary movement, thousands of ideas on how you can join in and friends, friends, friends. And all this organized and moderated by trusted leaders. A stunner!

Prof. Dr. theol. Dr. phil. Thomas Schirrmacher // Chair, Theological Commission, World Evangelical Alliance


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