Per Ewert writes in his Twitter account:

Really encouraging to meet Thomas Schirrmacher, chairman of World Evangelical Alliance. Makes you breathe freely to listen to a Christian leader who unabashedly rejects expressions of secular individualism and unashamedly stands for Biblical Christianity. More of this in Sweden!

Per Ewert is the director of The Clapham Institute, Sweden’s leading Christian think tank and research institute. He defended a PhD thesis about the political process which shaped Sweden into what is arguably the most secular and individualistic nation in the world. Per is the author of several books on apologetics, relations, and the role of faith in society. He also writes weekly editorials in one of Sweden’s Christian dailies. He lives with wife and four children in southern Sweden.

His exchange with the SG circled around reaching out with the gospel to the most secularized parts of the world like Sweden, former East Germany or the Czech Republic.

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