FLCCC published the protocol „I-Mass“ for individual patients who want to use Ivermectin to prevent covid-19:
This is in addition to “the I-Mask“ and the “Math+“ protocols for doctors and clinics
The number of good understandable reports on Ivermectin is growing, see eg
Also the number of studies backing Ivermectin is growing, see eg
For those who rather want to watch and listen, then to read, I recommend the following panel discussions:


  1. Connie Tate says:

    Thank you for raising your voice. Are you contacting other religious leaders worldwide?? Getting Ivermectin the recognition it deserves is so critical. Has anyone considered an ecumenical group of envoys that could influence Pope Francis to take a stand??

    • Schirrmacher says:

      Yes, I do, yet on a direct level only. Many are willing to act behind the lines. Only when such leaders are willing to speak up in open, can we form a kind of council of envoys. If you know of someone, who has spoken up publicly, just let me know.

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