“Protestant responsibility” (“Evangelische Verantwortung”) of the EAK of the CDU/CSU publishes “critical statement” on the decision of the Rhenish State Synod

In the journal “Evangelische Verantwortung” published by the Protestant Working Group of the CDU/CSU (Christlich Demokratische Union/Christlich-Soziale Union, the party of chancellor Merkel), a “critical statement” by the Bonn theologian and religious sociologist, Thomas Schirrmacher, on the “anti-conversion decision” of the Rhineland Synod was published. The article was published under the title “Mission and dialogue belong together” (“Mission und Dialog gehören zusammen”).

Cover of the article "Mission and dialogue belong together"Schirrmacher criticized, among other things, that the Synod is leaving the global ecumenical consensus. Literally it says:

“The Synod of the Rhenish Church thus deviates without further justification from the global ecumenical consensus, which states that dialogue and mission belong together. The Synod obviously sees them as mutually exclusive and unilaterally opts for dialogue, at least with Muslims.”

In addition, the many baptisms of former Muslims in the Rhenish Church are avoided.

“The Synod is inconsistent, since it baptizes in larger numbers former Muslims, even those who came to believe in Jesus Christ through missionary activities, without even mentioning and justifying in the decision how this is possible if one considers the desire for conversion of Muslims during the conversation with them to be wrong.”

Among other things, the author says:

“At a time when converts to the Christian faith who are seeking asylum daily receive their deportation orders to return to countries in which they are threatened with life-threatening danger and at least severe reprisals because of their new faith, against which almost all churches object, one would have wished that the Rhineland Synod of the Rhenish Church would also find clear words when it expresses itself on the subject of conversion from Islam to Christianity”.