Only a few people know that for three people with whom I have occupied myself historically and with regards to their thought and life, I have also composed articles about these individuals in the Biographical-Bibliographic Church Encyclopedia (Biographisch-Bibliographisches Kirchenlexikon). All of these articles are available on the internet. For a major encyclopedia, this is a seldom and notable undertaking!

The articles have to do with the Viennese Reformed systematician Eduard Böhl (1836-1903), whose works of dogmatics I republished. The second article has to do with Hans Naumann (1886-1951), a specialist in German studies and folklorist in Bonn and Rector of Bonn University during the Karl Barth affair at the time of the Third Reich, and about whom I wrote my second dissertation. The third and last article is about my great grandfather Friedrich Wilhelm Schirrmacher (1824-1904), a history professor in Rostock.

Actually I should have long since done something similar for Theodor Christlieb (1833-1889) (the topic of my first dissertation), but the article never moved beyond a rough draft. In the meantime Karl-Heinz Vogt completed a good biography with a complete Christlieb bibliography for the BBKL (Biographisch-Bibliographisches Kirchenlexikon, or Biographical-Bibliographic Church Encyclopedia) fertiggestellt:


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