In various publications recently I have emphasized that in the final event the increasing attacks on Evangelicals in Germany are intended against all Christians and that only a closing of ranks between all Christians can prevent Christian values and categories from all becoming fair game in Germany.

The protest against an Evangelical psychologists’ conference in Marburg not only proves from day to day that there are extremists conducting smear campaigns and putting up oppressive hindrances, but rather that the Christian faith, indeed Jesus Christ himself, is meant to be the point of attack.

The blasphemous presentation on one of the entry doors of the University shows Jesus as a crucified swine. What we are dealing with here is no longer an alleged human right or sexual ethic. As far as Christians are concerned, what we are dealing with here is all or nothing.

To the journalists who presently in the book Mission Gottesreich (A Mission for the Kingdom of God), the newspaper Q-Rage, and all types of media are campaigning against Evangelicals: Can you shake yourselves of the spirits you are calling upon? And when will you distance yourselves from the smearings, scoffings, and threats of forceful interference?



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