I have received blessings and birthday wishes from all over the world upon my 60th birthday June 25, 2020. I want to express my thanks for all of them. Unfortunately I will not be able to answer all of them personally. There are simply too many of them, but I will try to answer as many of them as I can.

Prof. Thomas Schirrmacher turns 60

from idea Spektrum 26/2020, p. 14

The Associate General Secretary of the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA), Prof. Thomas Schirrmacher (Bonn), will turn 60 on June 25. In this position, he represents the theological interests of 600 million Protestant Christians. He is also Chairman of the WEA’s Theologian Commission and President of the International Council of the International Society for Human Rights (ISHR) as well as the Director of the International Institute for Religious Freedom with offices in Bonn, Cape Town, Colombo, and Brasilia. Schirrmacher is also the managing director of the working group for religious freedom of the German Evangelical Alliance and the Austrian Evangelical Alliance. He is professor of the sociology of religion at the University of the West of Timisoara (Timisoara, Romania), a public university, and also teaches human rights and religious freedom at the University of Oxford in Great Britain. He is also the founder and Vice Rector of the Martin Bucer Seminary, a theological seminary for professionals with study centers in seven German and nine foreign cities. Schirrmacher is also the bishop of the Communio Messianica, which has congregations in 75 countries around the world. He was ordained a bishop in 2015 in the US state of Florida according to the Anglican rite. The Communio Messianica consists of converts who were previously Muslims. He is also the founder and advisor of the international aid organization “Gebende Hände” (Bonn).

The greatest gift was given to me by the renowned sleep and ENT specialist Prof. Dr. med. Ramin Naim, According to the Focus doctors list, he is one of the top doctors in Germany. For four decades (!) I tormented doctors and clinics with all kinds of symptoms. He was the first one who listened extensively and attributed all symptoms to one and the same cause and proved this in the sleep laboratory: For my entire life, I have never fallen into deep sleep at night since my internal alarm system wakes me up shortly before I go to deep sleep due to a potential lack of oxygen. Even though I still need a couple of weeks for complete recovery, extensive surgery on my nose, sinuses, etc. has now solved the problem. I have entered my seventh decade of life as a new person with unprecedented energy.

What a birthday present God gave me through Prof. Naim!


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