Alexander Schick as special guest with Timothy Mahoney

As part of the Historical Faith Society’s monthly talk show series, Alexander Schick will be Timothy Mahoney’s guest this coming Sunday. Starting at 3 p.m. (US central time) on Sunday, Feb. 27, the topic will be the history of the Bible and Bible printing, as well as the history of the Dead Sea Scrolls. The livestream can be viewed worldwide via YouTube ( Viewers can ask questions during the conversation in the chat, which will be moderated by Mahoney. The conversation will take place in English.

Alexander Schick, science journalist and author, is founder and director of the “Qumran and Bible Exhibition Sylt,” a traveling Bible museum. Through years of close contacts with leading archaeologists, museum directors, and antiquities authorities, his expertise is also widely sought internationally. Bishop Thomas Schirrmacher, General Secretary of the World Evangelical Alliance writes:

“I am very grateful to have in Alexander a Senior Advisor for Biblical Archaeology and History of the Bible who can provide me with competent and highly qualified ad hoc answers to many archaeological questions concerning the Old and New Testaments. His expertise has always been a great asset to me for many years. So I hope that he will also be a blessing to many Christians within the framework of the World Evangelical Alliance, but also gladly inspire some skeptics to think afresh about the arguments for the credibility of the Bible.”

Timothy Mahoney is founder and director of the Historical Faith Society, a social media platform with 10,000 members.

“There’s an urgent need to preserve, educate and share the historical truth of the Bible with the next generation,” Mahoney said.

The investigative documentary filmmaker first became known for the film series “Pattern of Evidence”, where he primarily explores the question of the historicity of Israel’s exodus from Egypt, which is widely attested to in the Bible.


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