Former class-mate of Thomas Schirrmacher, Professor Hans-Georg Wünch, with whom together Schirrmacher started the first German TEE program and other institutions of alternative theological training, attended the 26th jubilee (the postponed 25th jubilee) of Martin Bucer Seminary in Bonn. Wünch and Schirrmacher studied together at the STH in Basel, Switzerland, and did their doctorates at the Theological University in Kampen, Netherlands, at the same time. They were also pastors in the dame denomination for several years. Schirrmacher later published several of Wünch’s books.

Professor Dr. Hans-Georg Wünch has been teaching at the Rhineland Theological Seminary in the Department of Old Testament Studies (TSR) since 1989, where he is also Director of Studies. Furthermore, he is a lecturer in Biblical Hebrew at the Theological University of Ewersbach and Professor extraordinarius at the Department for Biblical and Ancient Studies at the University of South Africa (UNISA).

Prof. Wünch has written nine books to date, including an introduction to Hebrew and a study of authority in Christian schools, both published by Culture and Sience Publ. (VKW).

Photos at the jubilee of Martin Bucer Seminary © Martin Warnecke


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